The Story of My Life by One Direction

Boy Band. I know, I know. But I LOVE this song. Have you really listened to the lyrics? Have you watched the music video? It’s absolutely intriguing and employs spectacular videography! “The Story of My Life” from the album “Midnight Memories,” combines my absolute most favorite things in life: a good mystery, a catchy tune, special memories and priceless family photographs!

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In my opinion, this song is NOT about a girl or a breakup or whatever. This song, written by Jamie Scott, is talking about “your life’s story.” From an educators point of view (aka: mine), the “her” and “she” pronouns are referring to “the story.” I believe the writer intended the listener to reflect on who you are today because of your story that’s been written up till now.

Reflecting on special or ordinary moments in your life that are “frozen” in time (e.g., in a photograph or memory) and seeing patterns in your life like “holding on too tight” are a way of figuring out who you are and how you tick as well as how you’ve grown. “Give her hope” and “spend her love” are the things you do as you live your life.

“Stories I cannot explain” and “Colors I cannot change” acknowledge that at times you may not be happy with your story or wish events weren’t part of your story, but it’s written on the walls and in your heart and can’t be changed. Your history, your past, it is now a part of who you are. This song is hopeful and accepting of the path life’s journey has taken and realizes that life is short and that someday words defining it will be “written on my stone.” Your story is one that desires to be remembered.

Of course I believe God should be a huge part of our story. The song “Write Your Story on My Heart” by Francesca Battistelli shares her desire for God to write His story on her heart. Even in the process of leading a life that revolves around God being the center, the end result is still “your story.” A story that tells the world what your priorities were, where your passions showed up, how you left your mark on future generations and how you chose to live a life that honored God. Doesn’t get much more concise that that.

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So here’s to your story, wherever you are on your journey. May “the fire beneath your feet be burning bright.” Though your heart may get broken along the way, you love can remain untamed. Every new day writes another entry that when complied is, the story of your life.

Do you think of your life as a story? What part do you want “written on your stone?”

Photo courtesy of One Direction & YouTube.

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