Stay at Home Mom

We must stick together SAHM’s! Where else can you have position in life that allows, nay requires, your job description to change hourly? Referee. Advisor. Chef. Accountant. Coach. Scheduler. Teacher. Ours is a unique journey into parenting that’s full of love, laughter, life and learning to let go.

Unexplainable Losses by Karen Campos

My heart has been broken for many people around the world over the past few weeks. Some say that “current events” don’t bother them if they aren’t directly affected. Well, as a SAHM, I am. First, the disappearance of Malaysia [...]

If Walls Could Talk by Karen Campos @SuperParentMom

On a typical day in my home, if there is such a thing, there are some very funny and sometimes profound things spoken by my children. I thought I would share them with you for a few laughs and a [...]

Here With Us by Joy Williams Reviewed by Karen Campos

Merry Christmas! The presents have been selectively bought and beautifully wrapped for family and friends. The cookies baked, the cards mailed and the meal planned. The outfits coordinated and the cameras fully charged. The children tucked in bed quite unwillingly. [...]

Mommy's Magic Trick by Karen Campos,

If you are even the slightest bit like me, you savor crawling between clean sheets at the end of a day and sinking your head into your pillow just so! Arranging the covers and wiggling around until it’s a perfect [...]

What Potty Training by Karen Campos @SuperParentMom

Most of us moms approach the task of potty training our children with excitement, fear and a healthy dose of trepidation. It is a rite of passage of sorts for both mom and child. Moving from diapers which provide security [...]

Plan Vacation Recovery Time by Karen Campos

Hear Ye! Hear Ye! All you moms out there! Listen up!! Let me share a valuable tip I learned the hard way! When you are planning any kind of excursion, getaway, trip or vacation, be in 3 days or 14 [...]

Super Mom's Two Do List by Karen Campos,

Are you one of those SAHMs who lives paper free? Is there an app for everything on your phone, including your to-do list? Does all your paper make it into the trash, shredder, or recycle bin? Here’s a shout out [...]

Revitalize Your Monthly Calendar by Karen Campos @SuperParentMom

Ah, the ritual of turning the calendar page to a fresh new month. I have noticed that those turns seem to come faster and faster. Maybe it’s because I don’t get as much done as I think a SAHM should [...]

The Family Vacation Ummm... Trip by Karen Campos,

Let’s be fair to all the mom’s out there. Whether you are a stay at home mom, working mom, stepmom, whatever your label, family vacations are really trips. Call them what they are: Trips. Albeit, family trips. When you leave [...]

SAHM Family Calendar by Karen Campos, Super Parent Mom blogger

Spring, summer, winter and fall all arrive in their proper times through the course of a year. Some seasons you wish would stay longer and others you wish would not, nevertheless, on they march. I love picking out a new [...]

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