Super Mom Survey, I Need You by Aimee

Calling all mothers! I could really use your help. I am assisting in a dissertation study regarding the experience of motherhood. If you are a mother, please click the link below and complete the survey. Completion of survey will take [...]

Do You Really Know What You Are Eating? by Karen Campos @SuperParentMom

I thought I knew what I was putting on my dinner plates and feeding my family. That was before THE BOOK. I thought most protein bars were healthy. Who knew that shredded cheese has wood chips hidden in the ingredient [...]

Explore Your Library by Karen Campos

Sure it’s full of books. By definition, it should be. That’s why you have a library card and stop by regularly. Oh, you don’t? Not very often? Doesn’t seem like it’s worth the effort? Let me re-introduce you to your [...]

What Your Student Needs to Know recommended by Karen Campos

Have you ever been looking through your child’s graded homework or recent report card and wondered if your child is learning all they need to be? I certainly have. I am an advocate of parents staying involved in their children’s [...]

Now's the Time to Get Control, Karen Campos Reviews Planner Pad

Do you really mean it? Are you finally sick and tired of being a day late and a dollar short? Do you really want to step up and embrace a tool to help you be more organized on a daily [...]

Pay It Forward 12 Days of Giving for StarLight by Karen Campos

Have you ever had to spend a night or two in your local hospital for one reason or another? Most of my readers are moms and many of you probably did so when you gave birth. So you know well [...]

You Want to See What? by Karen Campos

You make an effort to keep up on what’s happening in the world. You watch or read the news and know all that’s transpiring on Facebook. You glance through ads to see the latest styles and trends. You peruse the [...]

Grandparents Are Grand by Karen Campos @SuperParentMom

What a difference a grandparent can make! Did you know that approximately one third of the current adult US population are grandparents! Wow! This largely untapped resource is clearly available in one form or another whether biological, through re-marriage, adoption [...]

Turning Great Kids into Good Leaders, reviewed by Karen Campos

Character qualities are quickly becoming a necessity to include as a common thread across many educational venues. It is one topic most adults agree is necessary, not only in their lives, but also in the lives of their children for [...]

No Way! That's Free? Khan Academy Review by @SuperParentMom Karen Campos

Does a comprehensive education that’s free to all sound too good to be true? Not if you talk to Salman Khan. That’s his personal lifelong goal and he is well on his way to achieving it! He believes that the [...]

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