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Introducing Technology Man by Karen Campos http://SuperParentMom.com

New friend, allow me the pleasure of introducing you to my wonderful husband, Technology Man. As of this writing, we just celebrated twelve years of marriage. Yes, he has many other names, most of which CAN be listed here, but for the purposes of my blog, I will refer to him as Technology Man or, Technology Dad, where the kids are concerned! It’s a fun nickname that we gave him due to the fact that he is rarely ever seen without a technology device in front of him, in his hand, thrown over his shoulder or within his reach. He loves every new piece of technology released and regularly drools over advertisements for the latest and greatest inventions or upgrades. Be it a computer, desktop, laptop, netbook, flat screen, touch screen, eBook, smart phone, projector, GPS or USB! You certainly get the idea.

Maybe you’ve observed one of these such technology men at a Starbucks or local mall. Perhaps you even have one of these technology men somewhere in your home or extended family. They are very simple creatures really. Easy to figure out and easy to predict. They think that the world should be virtual, everything voice activated and all important things stored in a “cloud.” They would rather “talk” through their computer by “IMing” and much rather text on their phone than actually use the voice God gave them to communicate. They are thrilled with a gift of a five hour backup battery or a gift card to Best Buy. Their clothes selection is narrow, their attention to daily life is seriously lacking and they sleep only because they have to. But God love ‘em, they run the world with all their technology!

My Technology Man is a Christ follower, software developer, remittance expert, clean code writer, confident witness, wife encourager, involved dad, team manager, product developer, in-line skater, boardroom closer, demo master, accountability partner, excellent speaker, website designer, eternal optimist, family provider, and kid magnet. That about sums him up! The challenge is how to divide himself between these eightteen skill sets that each take attention. Which is, of course, the same issue we all deal with on a daily basis in some form or fashion. Dividing our time and energy, funneling it into priorities, making a difference for today and an impact on tomorrow.

I hope this introduction has given you a glimpse into my world. And how my God-given soul mate, Technology Man, is wired. (Pun intended!) We see the world totally differently but maybe that’s the beauty of our relationship. Even under stress and in times of conflict, we each bring half the picture to the table, which makes a complete whole.

Who is your significant other or cheerleader through life? How can you appreciate their strengths and weaknesses?

Image courtesy of YouTube’s Anita Renfroe – Check Out Her Website!

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I am typically an exhausted forty something, Christ-follower, daughter, sister, wife, teacher, mom of one rambunctious son, mom of one gifted son, custodial step-mom to one totally teenage daughter, avid reader, wanna-be photographer, scrap-booker, endless dieter, coke zero drinker, suburban dweller, volunteer and friend.

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