In My Opinion

Here’s a recommendation that might just change the world or at least someone’s world, for the better. See if you agree with my opinion.

Do You Say It? Thank You by Karen Campos

Well, do you? When the opportunity presents itself for you to express your appreciation for anything anyone did for you, do you step up and knock it out of the park? Do you say, “Thank You?” Why do we find [...]

Kids Accounted For? by Karen Campos

Ominous question at times, yes? You are standing in the kitchen working on a grocery list when you realize all of a sudden, the house is much, much too quiet. At that precise moment, you KNOW your precious little cherubs [...]

Ziplocs Are a Mom's Best Friend by Karen Campos @SuperParentMom

The answer to most of life’s daily challenges used to be duct tape. Now, it’s a Ziploc! I’m being serious! My family has dubbed me “The Ziploc Queen” rightfully so because I am known to pull out a Ziploc in [...]

The Way of the Dinosaurs - Handwriting by Karen Campos

I didn’t say I was happy about it. I’m talking about penmanship, long hand, cursive, handwriting. Call it what you will. It may be going the way of the dinosaur and disappearing off the face of the earth. It’s a [...]

That's What I Use to Think by Karen Campos

We remember the birth of Jesus, the Christ. Christmas is originally about Jesus, right? Stories of old, prophecies throughout the Bible, giving witness to who Jesus really is. Yet, we each have to make a personal decision. Walk away, let [...]

Call It Fall or Autumn by @SuperParentMom

What’s not to love about Autumn, except for raking I suppose, but even that can be fun! Autumn is my favorite season of the year! My birthday falls in it and so does Thanksgiving with all its scrumptious delight! In [...]

Tomorrow Night I'll Get Some Sleep by Karen Campos

It is my opinion that society in general is operating, on a daily basis, under an unprecedented level of exhaustion. Why do I think this? Look and listen to the people around you. How many times a day do you [...]

It's a Matter of Respect by Karen Campos @SuperParentMom

In my opinion, respect is an endangered species, much to our country’s chagrin. Plenty of people want respect, but very few are willing to give it. They’ve got the cart before the horse. You need to give respect in order [...]

Somebody Put Up a Sign! by @SuperParentMom

Do you know where you are going? Do you rely on street signs, landmarks or the position of the sun to determine your location? Or do you live in a perpetual state of knowing about where you are most of [...]

Let's Hear It for QA by Karen Campos,

In my opinion, every company should have a working and active Quality Assurance department. QA for short. In theory, it is the department where each and every item produced is tested, so that the consumer can be assured that when [...]

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