If These Walls Could Talk

If Walls Could Talk by Karen Campos http://SuperParentMom.com

On a typical day in my home, if there is such a thing, there are some very funny and sometimes profound things spoken by my children. I thought I would share them with you for a few laughs and a few head nods. From the mundane to the sublime…here goes…things I have heard this week…

From the 14 year old step-daughter:
“I’m already 15 because it is my birthday month!” (never mind her birthday is the LAST day)
“Really, Dad? Really?”
“Yes, I am well aware.”
“When can I learn to drive? How will I learn to drive? Who will teach me to drive? What will I drive?”
“Keep the camera away from the face.”
“You’re in my bubble.”
“How many more weeks till school is out?”
“I’m sorry. I didn’t hear you. My earbuds were in.”
“The genocide in South Africa was absolutely awful. Worst than the holocaust. Can’t believe this stuff happens!”
“No, Dad. No singing today! Somebody save me!”
“Learn from me, I made that same mistake.”

From the 10 year old son:
“Can I have this app?”
“Did you know that July 4, 1776 was on a Saturday?”
“I can’t wait for school to start!”
“When’s dinner going to be ready?”
“These new lenses are fantastic. I see everything crystal clearly.”
“Did you know that’s an element on the Periodic Table?”
“If you hear me say JIC, it means ‘just in case’.”
“Do I haaaaaaaaaaaaaaave to read?”
“Mom, you don’t need to lose weight, you’re just perfect!”

From the 4 year old son:
“I need a snack.”
“Oh my word…..”
“Great job, Mom!”
“I need a snack.”
“I need help getting past Level 23!”
“Where are my best friends?” (his bro and sis)
“I need a snack.”
“I’m so frustrated!”
“I sure do want to go to the park!”
“Love comes when you give a hug.”
“I am growing to be such a big boy!”
“Can I have a snack, please?”

What funny or thought provoking comment have your kids uttered lately?

Image: Bo Gordy-Stith via Flickr.

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I am typically an exhausted forty something, Christ-follower, daughter, sister, wife, teacher, mom of one rambunctious son, mom of one gifted son, custodial step-mom to one totally teenage daughter, avid reader, wanna-be photographer, scrap-booker, endless dieter, coke zero drinker, suburban dweller, volunteer and friend.

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