Here with Us by Joy Williams

Merry Christmas!

The presents have been selectively bought and beautifully wrapped for family and friends. The cookies baked, the cards mailed and the meal planned. The outfits coordinated and the cameras fully charged. The children tucked in bed quite unwillingly.

It’s time!

Anticipation mounts. What will be discovered beneath the tree? Who thought of you and honored your relationship with a special gift? Will you be able to capture the reactions on film?

It’s time!

Neither the lack of sleep nor the distance traveled will ruin this special morning. Squeals of excitement coupled with laughter is pleasure to the ears. The smell of rich coffee, delectable treats and Christmas dinner tickle will the nose! The thank you’s will ring out and the hugs! Oh, how the hugs communicate love and appreciation in a way words cannot!

It’s time!

Just as there was an anticipated arrival many, many years ago which started this lovely tradition we keep. A couple traveling for a census, expecting a child any day, spent the night in a stable because everyone else was booked up. (And we think the night in an airport is rough.) Her labor began and in that humble of all places, Jesus, the Son of God, Servant King, came to change the world. Living the perfect life and dying a sacrificial death, He would pay the price to build a bridge between us and God that we could not build ourselves. But first, he was born.

It’s time!

In the book of Matthew 1:23 it says, “The virgin will conceive and give birth to a son, and they will call him Immanuel (which means God with us).” For that brief moment in time, God was one of us, among us. A miracle in all its wonder. God was here with us.

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What song makes the miracle of Christmas real for you?

Video courtesy of YouTube and Joy Williams.

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