Blended Parenting

Parenting is one tough job. But the job that beats it hands down is step-parenting! Rearing and loving children who are not yours by birth is parenting on a whole other level. This is the place for those of us who do just that, day in and day out, and for those who want to better understand our point of view.

Dreadful and Delightful sides of Being the Stepmom, Karen Campos

In honor of my step-daughter's 15th birthday I thought I would describe for you some of the ups and downs of my first 13 years with the title, Stepmom. As you know there are two sides to every story, two [...]

What Determines Value? by Karen Campos @SuperParentMom

No one can deny that growing up in a divorced family is quite different than growing up in a nuclear family. No doubt about it. But what are the farther reaching effects on the kids than the obvious of having [...]

What Forgiveness Is Not by Karen Campos

You’ve heard it time and time again. Forgive, forget and move on. Easier said than done, my friend, easier said than done. In a divorced or blended family, forgiveness takes on a whole new depth and dimension. We’re not just [...]

The Power of a Picture by Karen Campos

Through my years of being a custodial step-mom, I have always looked for ways to create a bond with my step-daughter. I am not her biological mom and yet she has lived 85% of her life with me and her [...]

Oh No, the Stuff Doesn't Go by Karen Campos

If I had a dollar for every article I’ve read about a blended family parent complaining about how “the Ex” doesn’t keep up with their kids’ stuff, I’d have a well-padded nest egg! I understand this issue first hand and [...]

Grass Is Always Greener by Karen Campos @SuperParentMom

It’s so true, isn’t it? It doesn’t really matter where people find themselves, they always want to be somewhere else. Or be someone else. Or live somewhere else. Or work someplace else. Or learn something else. Ask a teenager and [...]

Routines Are Your Friends by @SuperParentMom, Karen Campos

Step parenting comes with its own unique set of challenges. No one needs to tell you that. Although in retrospect, I wish someone had sat me down and told me in so many words. So, how do you begin? Whether [...]

Do You Take to Time to Listen? by Karen Campos

Distracted listening. Selective hearing. Ignoring. Add to that list, incessant texting, phones ringing, doors knocking, IMing, video skyping, email beeping, timers dinging, clocks ticking and there’s a pretty good chance that someone somewhere is going to misunderstand someone else, in [...]

What Are You Called StepMom? by Karen Campos

Nicknames. We all have them. Stinky Feet, Four Eyes, Cutie Pie, Step Mom, Smarty Pants, Sweetheart, The Geek, Little General. Some we instigate, others we inherit, many we earn, still others evolve through funny or embarrassing situations we found ourselves [...]

Stepping in Your Step-Child's World by Karen Campos

You never thought you’d find yourself attracted to someone who already had children. Not exactly the picture you grew up with in your imagination as a little girl. You know the one, the prince rescuing you from the tower and riding off into the sunset with you on horseback. Nope. No extra horses in that picture with stepchildren riding behind you. But it happened and you traversed the mine field of dating and amazingly, a marriage ceremony.

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