Biblical Parenting

Saying you are a Christ follower who approaches life with a Biblical mindset may be an intimidating fact to verbalize in today’s society. Build your resolve as you set the trajectory of your child’s life. Aim high! The Bible is still relevant and don’t let anyone tell you otherwise.

What Does Resurrection Look Like? by Karen Campos

This question was posed to me by my step-daughter when she was four years old. At the time, I had to sit down and think on that for a bit. What does resurrection look like? It’s not like we experience [...]

More is Caught Than Taught by Karen Campos @SuperParentMom

Have you ever heard this expression? More is caught than taught? I grew up hearing it often from my parents and teachers. My father was a dentist and he always told his patients, “Your kids should see you brushing and [...]

The Real Deal by Karen Campos @SuperParentMom

Isn’t it interesting how in the English language, we basically have one word to express our deepest emotion: LOVE. We love our spouse. We love our children. We love our pet. We love chocolate turtle fudge. We love the Texas [...]

What Fruit Grows on God's Vine? by Karen Campos

If Jesus is the Vine and we are the branches, it leads to the supposition that the forthcoming fruit originates in God and grows through us, as Christ followers. John 15:1-8 Those of us who have come before God to [...]

All I Really Want for Christmas by Steve Curtis Chapman, Reviewed by

When it comes to Christmas, it all began with a gift. The gift of Jesus to a waiting world. The gift of unconditional love to the lonely. The gift of hope to the hopeless. The gift of peace to those [...]

Thanks in Thanksgiving by @SuperParentMom, Karen Campos

It’s time to gather around the table with family and friends, enjoying tender turkey, rich stuffing and green bean casseroles.  It’s time to winterize your home, for the cold winds will soon be blowing.  It’s time for pumpkin aromas from [...]

4 Ways Knowing God has Changed Me by Karen Campos,

Over the years, I have been asked how knowing God has changed my life. There are in fact a myriad of ways, but I’d like to share with you four in particular. First and most important of all, I am [...]

To Trick-or-Treat or Not? by Karen Campos @SuperParentMom

So where do you “fall” on the celebration of Halloween? Does it bother you at all? Is it all good fun and a few great scares? Are you worried about the message your children receive from it? Do you see [...]

Do Statistics Really Matter? by Karen Campos, @SuperParentMom blogger at

I heard a pastor recently who framed our world’s current view of religion and/or spirituality as something that has been reduced to “a day and age of Statistical Morality.” Interesting. Let’s think back a bit. Secular Humanism brought in a [...]

Walk Your Talk with Truth by @SuperParentMom blogger, Karen Campos

If you heard the ominous words, “I’ll be back!” from the Terminator, you would be shaking in your boots or fancy flip flops or high heels, because you could take his words at face value and know he was speaking [...]

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